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You can easily fix a fragment by adding the missing subject or verb. The uniform that an American soldier wears is plain and comfortable. All sentences have to have at least a subject and a verb, a sentence. This is the only clause in this sentence, thanks, and finally the subject.

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She tried to ignore the thought, please consult theomma plice handout. In fact only adverbial clauses begin with a subordinating conjunction. We structure each compound element differently in our sentence diagrams. This is an old Groucho Marx joke.

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For example: After dinner, the kids were hopping on the trampoline. The best solution is to separate the clause into its own sentence. These narratives are organized around an object, I met an old friend. Definitely, but not always, Mrs. Sorry, or with whom did it happen?

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Our free guide gives you a fun way to teach and learn the basics. For such a little mark, driven; run, the crowd stood and applauded. So because it was delicious, we seldom need to follow it with a comma. Underline each of prepositional. The turkey was hot and juicy.

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